Name Chop

November 21, 2016

Name Chop

On the MRT to my next destination, I opened my new Chinese seal and tried it out.  It wasn’t my name.  I studied it for a minute, since I sometimes forget my name.

I got off at the next stop and hopped on the train heading back towards the 30-square-foot shop.

“Excuse me, but . . . this isn’t my name.”

“That’s your name,” the stamp guy said, puzzled.

“Sorry, but it isn't."

He shuffled through a messy stack of papers, finding the one with my information on it.  “Here - this is what your mom wrote!”

I recognized her handwriting and remembered Mom scribbling on the pink scratch paper.  We had spent the afternoon doing errands.

“Oh, you're right.  Sorry!  I guess she doesn’t know my name.”

We laughed and I ordered another seal.

Later I asked Mom about it.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly.  “Aiyah, why do you need your name on a seal anyway?”

“It’s for painting.”

“Aiyah, so particular.  Not necessary.”

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January 26, 2018

Chupa and his friend Jonic spent the evening singing and jamming along to Daniel Caesar’s “Get You,” which requires a lot of falsetto and features the lyric, “everything I need's . . . between . . . those thighs.”


January 16, 2018

I didn't know what lavender smelled like until I moved to California.  In Kansas, stores sold sachets of lavender that smelled like diseased wax.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

January 01, 2018

Thought I'd share some work by this artist.  Who is this artist?  I have no idea.  I found his paintings in a book in my parents' house (written in Chinese; I can't read any of it) while doing a massive 5-day-and-night spring cleaning of the disaster that is their home.  But isn't he amazing?