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Letterpress Cards


This collection of letterpress cards is for stationery enthusiasts who appreciate older printing techniques and/or who are fond of texture in their paper goods.

I paint the designs with calligraphy ink and Chinese paintbrushes on thick raw rice paper, then scan the paintings and create letterpress plate files.  Once plates are ready, I use Pantone mixing formulas to make each ink shade, using knives on a marble board to blend the inks. 

I register the plates, apply ink to the roller, and crank the press so that each soft cotton sheet wraps around the cylinder, runs through the press and against the inked plates.  For two-color cards, I remove the first color from the press, ink with the second color, and repeat the registration and pressing process.    

Afterwards, I tidy, get high from the cleaning fumes, and observe the impression depth and color variations in the paper.

I hope you enjoy these letterpress cards!

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