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Line Emoji/Stickers

Line is a free calling/messaging app that's popular in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

When I first heard about people paying actual money for virtual "stickers" to send to friends in chats, I thought it was ridiculous.  

ME:  People pay for these?
CAROL:  Yes.
ME:  Teenagers?
CAROL:  Sure.  But also people our age.
ME:  Do you know anyone who's paid for these?
CAROL:  Harry has.
ME:  ?? 
[throws chair through glass window in amazement]

Harry is a normal, grown man who is a successful film editor.  But he is also someone who secretly sends his friends little virtual stickers that he paid real money for.

I drew a set of stickers so I could use them to spam friends who I forced to download the Line app.

Fomato Line stickers for the Line app.

Line Stickers 

Rummaging Region