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Shall we begin with some quality ogling?

I take free trips to Japan inside my head.  Would you like to join me?


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Let’s watch NHK.

I don't watch much TV, but my husband, Chupa, plays video games and leaves the PS4 on when he's done, in case he feels like playing again (this is why he leaves forty music gear things on at all times too).  After fifteen minutes, the PS4 switches to the TV, which is set to NHK, so I see four seconds of a show here and 1800 seconds of a show there.

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Cycle Around Japan
Domo! World
Have a Nice Stay!
Japanology Plus
Trails to Oishii Kyoto
Trails to Oishii Tokyo
Trails to Tsukiji
Seasoning the Seasons
Somewhere Street
Wild Hokkaido

I'm too lazy to meditate, but have a high tolerance for slow, soothing narration explaining peaceful and sometimes dull footage of obscure plants emerging from the forest soils of sparsely-populated prefectures.

Our Man in Japan

Life Where I'm From
NHK World

Tokyo Street View
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Harumi Kurihara Magazine, Volume 7
Harumi Kurihara

I show tasty meals to Chupa to remind him that he's with the wrong person.

Casa Brutus Magazine

Casa Brutus Mook Volume 203

Casa Brutus

My dream is to have fancy magazine shelves for displaying mooks. 

Motto Tokyo Cafe mook
Motto Tokyo Cafe

Come Home! mook Volume 30
Come Home! 

Masaki's Lifestyle mook
Masaki's Lifestyle

My other dream involves eating noodles all day.

Iwago Mitsuaki Neko
Iwago Mitsuaki

Someone please get me this cat.


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