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watercolor animals

Here Be Greeting Cards

cat and dog friends

Fomato is a stationery store inspired by watercolor, and Taiwanese and Japanese stationery.

garden painting

Watercolor Cards

Birthday, blank and holiday cards featuring:

cats, dogs, bears,
otters, penguins, pigs
lions, capybaras and other jolly monsters
in various settings:

an izakaya
a sake brewery
an olive oil estate

. . . Partaking of activities:

peeling off sheet masks
frolicking nude in the woods
eating 2x one's weight in xiao long bao

Letterpress Cards

Greetings individually pressed with a vintage 750 lb. flatbed cylinder press onto soft cotton paper, for a tactile mini-experience.

Subjects include:

a bad cat devouring houseplants
sakura showering bears
a cloud of poisonous fart
a free trip to Kyoto
a celebration of the baguette's glorious existence

Lion & Squash

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