How much is shipping?  I would like to pay as much as possible.

United States:  All orders ship for a flat rate of $1.
Canada:  All orders ship for a flat rate of $7.  
Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, South America:  All orders ship for a flat rate of $12.
Antarctica:  Orders ship for a flat rate of forty penguins.

[Surprisingly, shipping just 1 card costs $2.67 in the U.S, $9.50 to Canada and $13.50 to the U.K. and various other countries.  This is because the USPS charges rigid flat mailers (packaging that protects a card from getting bent/damaged during shipping) at the more expensive "package" rate.]

How long will it take to receive my order?

Your order will be processed and shipped out from our place within 2 business days.  USPS packages can arrive quickly sometimes, but occasionally, a mail carrier may place your order into a favorite armpit and head out to the desert for a vipassana retreat.  We hope you receive your cards within a quick and reasonable period - please feel free to contact us if you do not.

What kind of paper, ink, and envelopes do you use?
Vector cards are offset-printed with environmentally-friendly, vegetable-based inks on matte, FSC-certified, post-consumer recycled card stock.  Letterpress cards are printed on cotton, tree-free paper with magical ink from New Zealand rainbows.  The cards are paired with assorted colored (slate, chocolate, sunshine, charcoal, peacock, cobalt, clover, pool, beet, aubergine, etc.), Kraft, metallic and white vellum envelopes - whatever seems to fit the card best.  

What are your card sizes?
A7:  5 x 7 inches; folded card.
4-Bar:  3.5 x 5 inches; folded card.
Flat Notecard:  5 x 7 inch notecard; no fold.
Mini Flat Notecard:  2 x 3.5 inch notecard, no fold.

Do you accept returns?  
Yes, within 30 days.  No one has ever taken us up on this, but you can be the first.  Don't be upset if you hear crying over the phone when you call, though.

I am a wholesaler.  How can I get more information or place an order?
Thanks for your inquiry!  Please feel free to call 323.387.9480 or email.  Wholesale information is also available at our wholesale site (registration is moderately painless).  If you'd like to place an order, please send along your store's resale/tax number.  California retailers, please fill out and send this resale certificate - it must be on file before your order can ship.  Or if you prefer to do none of the above, you can go herehere or here.  Gracias!

I used to have an account on your former site.  Is my information the same?
No - this is a new site, so you'll need to re-register (registration is optional, though).  Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience!

What will you eat for dinner?

Potato chips, hopefully.