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Watercolor Greeting Cards


This collection of watercolor cards is for people who enjoy the way that colorful pigments mix with water, and the often luminous outcome.

I love watercolor for its transparency and beautiful hues.  The colors and textures in these illustrations are blended together from seventy highly pigmented paints that disperse marvelously when wet.  The designs are professionally reproduced on thick, matte card stock.

The Taiwanese stationery stores I explored while growing up were filled with watercolor scenes of architecture, nature and animals on notebooks, bookmarks, letter sets and stickers.

Gourds Birthday Card from $ 4.50 $ 5.50
Penguin Card
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Penguin Card from $ 5.50
Pig Card: Plants
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Pig Card: Plants from $ 5.50
Lion Birthday Card from $ 5.50
Beer Birthday Card from $ 5.50
Cat Card: Lake
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Cat Card: Lake from $ 5.50
Bear Birthday Card from $ 5.50
Dog Card: Akita
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Dog Card: Akita from $ 5.50
Dog Card: Flowers
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Dog Card: Flowers from $ 5.50
Capybara Card
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Capybara Card from $ 5.50
Dog Card: Garden
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Dog Card: Garden from $ 5.50
Pig Card: Friends
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Pig Card: Friends from $ 5.50
Cat Card: Minion
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Cat Card: Minion from $ 5.50

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