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I collect Japanese “mooks” (magazine-books) that feature home decor, design, architecture, craft, lifestyle, etc.  They're my favorite possessions.  We were burglarized last year, so they're pretty much my only possessions now.  Just so you know, I plan to steal these from your house.

I scanned a few pages from Casa Brutus magazine (please pardon the sub-excellent scan job).

Coil - Akihisa Hirata

Sou Fujimoto - Na House

Top image:  Optical Glass House, Hiroshi Nakamura

Second image:  Coil, Akihisa Hirata

Fourth image:  Na House, Sou Fujimoto

I'm sorry to say that I don't know who designed the house depicted in the third image (don't you love the desk/storage stairs?).  Please let me know if you know who this architect is (does it say in the Japanese text?).

Rummaging Region