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Me When I See Pasta

Chupa told me that he’d made reservations at a special place for my birthday, but I told him that I’d already picked out the venue.  I wanted PASTA PASTA PASTA.  Specifically, I wanted a $60 plate of Chitarra alla Norcina that turned out to cost $70 when we showed up at the restaurant.  

In my defense, I’ve never demanded a pricey meal from anyone before, but I’ve been craving good pasta for twenty years.  

Plus, TRUFFLES (a.k.a. 1/80th of a truffle)!

I wasn’t sure that I’d say this, but it was worth the $70 (granted, it wasn't my $70)(but I can speak for Chupa and say that it was worth HIS $70, plus tax & tip, so $92.  Right?  Even though he only got 2 noodles).  Delicious!!!

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