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Happy New Year!

Thought I'd share some work by this artist.  Who is this artist?  I have no idea.  I found his paintings in a book in my parents' house (written in Chinese; I can't read any of it) while doing a massive 5-day-and-night spring cleaning of the disaster that is their home.  But isn't he amazing?

Does anyone read Chinese? 

Update:  My parents read Chinese, and I finally emailed my mom a photo of the cover.  She responded:

Dear Emmie:

It is an ancient book.  The book used to belong to Kate your cousin who lives in Taiwan now.  It is a long scroll of painting describing people's activities during Ching Ming (the day to commemorate people's ancestors, visiting cemeteries).  I guess it was created in Ching Dynasty.  I am not hundred percent sure though.  You bring it back sometime, so I can review.  

Remember the artwork was in a long, long scroll, not in hundred sheets of art paper.  It can be rolled up and put away.

Have a nice day.

[The artist was not mentioned on the cover, so I'll update this once Mom looks inside the book.]

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