September 14, 2016


Erik’s roommate, Durand, got a cat.  

Durand doted on Milagro, constantly asking his roommates to check on him while he was out - feed him, let him outside, pet him, “make sure he’s ok.”

The roommates eventually got annoyed by the coddling and requests for special cat treatment.  Erik started sneaking into Durand’s room and scooping the cat dumps out of the litter box and throwing them away.  This went on for a week or so. 

Durand, worried that Milagro had stopped pooping, took him to the vet, who said that the cat seemed fine.  Durand kept worrying.

The next day, Erik went into Durand’s room and took an enormous sh*t in Milagro’s litter box.

Durand came home and discovered the monster poop.

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March 22, 2017

“Ever been to Jiufen?” I asked Mom.  


“You should go!  It has a nice view of the sea.  It’s supposed to be the city that inspired Spirited Away.  And they have the best gweh I’ve ever tasted - your favorite, with taro and the green one with radish or whatever the chewy stuff is.”

She looked skeptical.  “How did you get there?  You don’t speak the language.”



January 28, 2017

Two orange tabby brothers followed us home in December.  They lived with us for five weeks, snuggling, wrestling, running around like madmen and punching each other in the face, until their owners saw our “found” signs (which had been posted in front of their house for weeks).  

Chupa misses them a ton.  They shredded furniture, ate my expensive paintbrushes, pawed wet paintings and shoved my brush around whenever I painted, but they were cute and soft fuzzballs.

Out for a Stroll
Out for a Stroll

January 11, 2017

I'm laptop-free for the next week, since an orange demon (a stray cat we took in) ate my laptop screen.  I'll try to join these bears for some outings.