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Chupa’s friend Jonic, a creative director at an ad agency, has a lovely wife who stays at home with their kids.  In 2014, she produced a line of impeccable ceramics, but then discontinued production despite a welcoming reception of her work.

One night, we went out to celebrate Jonic’s birthday.  While the guys discussed work, politics, and work politics, I asked Alisa about her ceramics background.  

“This is going to sound kind of bad,” she said, “but . . . I’m one of those people who’s good at everything.”

A year later, Jonic crashed at our place so he could commute to work while their house was being renovated (Alisa and the kids were with his parents).

I mentioned Alisa’s talent, and asked Jonic about her paintings and other work.  

“They’re incredible,” he said, “and she has no interest in art whatsoever.  She couldn’t care less.”

“What a waste!  I would kill for those skills.”

“Some people are like that," he mused.  "They have all the talent in the world, and they just don’t give a shit.”

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