April 23, 2016


“It’s wonderful and it’s horrible,” Ben said.

I had said something to him about how awesome it was that he and his wife were so successful -

“People say that to us all the time,” he said.  

“But the truth is

it’s amazing

and it’s awful.”

There was a three second pause between each phrase, since he was drunk.

“It’s magical

and it’s abysmal.

It’s fantastic

and it’s hell.”

He seemed to be referring to their marriage.

“The reason you’re not successful,” he continued,  

“is because

you don’t push yourself.”

“Yeah, I’m lazy,” I said.

“You’re not lazy.  But

you don’t push yourself.”

He went on.  A few feet away, Alex and Jim sat quietly on the couch with their newborn daughter, hearing an unsolicited but probably very necessary pep talk.  

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Last Friday

January 26, 2018

Chupa and his friend Jonic spent the evening singing and jamming along to Daniel Caesar’s “Get You,” which requires a lot of falsetto and features the lyric, “everything I need's . . . between . . . those thighs.”


January 16, 2018

I didn't know what lavender smelled like until I moved to California.  In Kansas, stores sold sachets of lavender that smelled like diseased wax.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

January 01, 2018

Thought I'd share some work by this artist.  Who is this artist?  I have no idea.  I found his paintings in a book in my parents' house (written in Chinese; I can't read any of it) while doing a massive 5-day-and-night spring cleaning of the disaster that is their home.  But isn't he amazing?