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“Fomato makes sublimely witty - often wry - sometimes ludicrous cards.  And they never fail to make me laugh out loud!  We make it our absolute priority to serve up only the best possible slices of retail goodness to our customer base.  The Fomato range is perfect in every way.  It is a pleasure to observe our customers systematically check each and every card, and not just laugh, but cackle with pure delight and declare to one another that this - or that Fomato message is PERFECT for this or that occasion!  Wit was never wrote so good on a greeting card!” 

- Playlounge
London, U.K. 

“Hands down our runaway bestseller (apparently irreverence sells here).  People buy them in multiples. Whenever someone is over by the cards laughing their head off, I know they've found Fomato.” 

- Retrofit Home
Seattle, WA

"I would love to tell anyone who will listen how great Fomato is and how dank, dark and dull our shop would be without you in it!  I think we should have a parade for you." 

- Hazel
Chicago, IL 

“These designs are so funny and smart, customers love this line!  And the Fomato crew provides superb customer service to boot." 

- Powell’s Books
Portland, OR

"How could I not love Fomato Cards?  They are like graphic novels on four pages.  It's the perfect complement to any store that cultivates a quirky vibe, and one of our few lines where customers walk out with multiples.” 

- Boswell Book Company 
Madison, WI 

"These charming cards are favorites in our shop!  The artwork and the incredible wit are so unique and coveted."

- Craftland
Providence, RI

"Unique and endearing hand drawn images on letterpress.  One of our best selling card collections!"

- Atomic Garden
Oakland, CA

“The funniest cards I've ever seen." 

- Mr Sparrow 
Subiaco, Australia 

"I love these cards so much!  They are fun, quirky and really beautiful - the pictures don’t do them justice." 

- Prezzies
Sugarloaf, NY

“One of our absolute favorite card designers.” 

- Black Ink
Cambridge & Boston, MA

“We love Fomato cards - they are quirky, funny and unique, and our clients just love them.  In addition we love the quality of the cards and the great use of design and color!"” 

- Lion in the Sun
Brooklyn, NY 

“Fresh, edgy, inspired design, ahead of the curve and importantly, huge customer favorite.  One of our fastest selling lines.” 

- Pulp 
Los Angeles, CA 

"Quirky cards with great original art.  The artwork and characters are so charming.  We love Fomato!"

- RR#1 Chicago
Chicago, IL

"Beautiful cards and letterpress as always!  Fomato adds originality and a delightful sense of design to our store.  We love carrying them."

- Paper Crane
Half Moon Bay, CA

"So so cute and original!"

- Somewhere in Carmel
Carmel, CA

"These are the most amazingly quirky, humorous, original, intelligent and thoughtful cards!  I love these cards and my customers do too!"

- Wink SF
San Francisco, CA 

"Genius! Beautiful. Inappropriate. Wonderful."

- Skylight Books
Los Angeles, CA 

“If I saw these cards in a store, I would buy all of them.”

- Seth Godin

“These cards are extremely flammable.” 

- Satan 
Hot Part, Hades

Rummaging Region