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Shopping Carts Birthday Card

I was going to do a card for each of the twelve months but I contracted an anti-completion disease after the first one.


This February, 
in honor of your birthday, 
instead of glancing around casually while leaving my cart by the parking lot bushes, I will journey back to the grocery store entrance to reunite my cart with its previously abandoned and wandering friends, recently rescued by a fine grocery cart wrestling mercenary.  

By volunteering myself for this time-sucking deed, I will go above and beyond the duties of a grown adult with no actual rules to follow, besides the one that involves ignoring jury duty notices.  I will finally know what it is like to be a good citizen. 

Thank you for being born in February!  You are magnificent. 

Wishing you a rollicking, rambunctious rave this month and every month.

Size:  4-Bar (3.5 x 4.875 inches).  Paired with grocery bag-colored envelope.

Rummaging Region