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Chupa told me that he’d made reservations at a special place for my birthday, but I told him that I’d already picked out the venue.  I wanted PASTA PASTA PASTA.  Specifically, I wanted a $60 plate of Chitarra alla Norcina that turned out to cost $70 when we showed up at the restaurant.  

In my defense, I’ve never demanded a pricey meal from anyone before, but I’ve been craving good pasta for twenty years.  

Plus, TRUFFLES (a.k.a. 1/80th of a truffle)!

I wasn’t sure that I’d say this, but it was worth the $70 (granted, it wasn't my $70)(but I can speak for Chupa and say that it was worth HIS $70, plus tax & tip, so $92.  Right?  Even though he only got 2 noodles).  Delicious!!!

My aunt shared her secret for making perfect Japanese food.  It's her method for perfect food in general, but since she's in denial that she's not Japanese, she only makes Japanese food.

"I make every recipe 100 times in a row," she told me.

As a result, her dishes (including onigiri) are impeccable and mouthwatering.

My aunt also makes you shower the second you enter her house, immediately launders your clothes (made filthy from the outside world), and directs you to change into a different pair of slippers for each part of the house.  She once refused to let my friends (who were dropping me off after dinner) into her house to use the bathroom, for fear of their germs.

“What did you do to the avocado?” Mom grumbled.

“It got mushy when I mixed it with the cucumber and tomatoes," I replied.  "I guess it's like guacamole.  But it's not too bad, right?"  


“It's not poisonous,” she said begrudgingly.

I came downstairs one morning and found this in the kitchen.

A giant pig ear.

In response to my questions, Mom said that she'd seen it at the market and was curious.

This is my first post on the fomato site.  It's 12 years overdue.  That's not too long, is it?

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